A Contribution to the Critique of the Political Biennial: Zaaaaaaaart!

At the night of September 11, we were also at the Antrepo for the opening of the 11th International Istanbul Biennial. We were there, however, not for adding our words to the absurd cacophony of “radical” statements, which were floating in the air like over repeated tongue twisters but to “zaaart” this spectacle. There is only one answer to your statements like “socialism or barbarism” echoing in the saloon filled with your sponsors, bodyguards, and ministers with fake smiles and old wine smells (catering was so poor indeed; if two peanuts are enough to be sponsor, then we are willing to do it next time!) and it is: “zaaart!”. The rest is empty words.

The opening was yet another example of the age of cynicism in which statements do not make much sense and the fact that we live in an in a conceptual emptiness that swallows and empties every word. What is enthusiastically clapping the speeches of the CEO of the Koc Holding and the Minister of Culture, right after shouting out “every bourgeois is a criminal”, if not a symptom of cynicism?

Fortunately, we don’t need this game to remember the dreams of liberty that you were whispering to our ears last night. Don’t worry, we also remember things. For instance, we remember the appreciative advice letter written by the deceased father of Koc Holding, which granted us this exceptional night, to the generals of the 12 September, right after the military coup d’etat. Maybe you would like to use it for your next spectacle?

Thirty years ago, they dampened us; they hurt us terribly in this country. Today we were mourning but tomorrow we will continue from where we left off. Soon, 13.000 robbers under the name of the IMF and the WB will be in Istanbul on 6-7 October. In those days, we will dampen them; the streets of Istanbul will be shut down for them. Let the carnival of our resistance be their nightmare!

Our shadow is enough!

September 12, 2009

Direnistanbul Commissariat of Culture
Direnistanbul Popular Propaganda Network
Beğenal Rascal Army Choir
Direnistanbul Committees of Proletkult

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