Conclusion report of  1-8 October anti-capitalist resistance days against the IMF and WB summit

report-01 (Medium)We are informed that on 7th of October  while we were sieging  İstanbul from all sides,  the IMF and the World Bank meeting had to be finished in a haste.  So we, as the ungovernable of resistanbul,  gathered here to announce our own riotistanbul decisions against the  so-called Istanbul decisions  of the  governors.

We are announcing our own economic and social program which is both a proposal for a libertarian anti-capitalist way of life that we have already started to create in different sectors of society, as well as a proposal for a way out of global capitalism. Our program consists of a series of resistance and  counter-struggle tactics that can dig down the roots of the capitalist world system that has colonized all parts of our  life.

-Strikes in and occupations of  in all sorts of workplaces against the repression and exploitation of all managers and directors,

-Factory occupations aiming at the self-government of workers,

-Occupation of all sorts of workplaces  and creation of collective solidarity forms so as to create workplaces  without bosses.

-Organization and creation of syndicates and confederations supporting small and local agriculture  and permaculture  against the agricultural monopoly and the ecological destruction.

-Collectivization and occupation of land against the impoverishment of the farmers and forced exile of peasants from the villages and their lands.

-Occupation and resistance movements for the creation of autonomous spaces with autonomous municipalities.

-Occupations of buildings and public spaces against homelessness created by urban gentrification and creation of communal living structures in the liberated spaces.

-Development of alternative and local production systems against the capitalist exploitation of nature based on the imposion of consumption.

-Supporting of any sort of individual and collective migration for the abolishment of borders that create ethnical, national and cultural separations and hostility. Spreading the motto of ‘no border’ so as to emphasize the brother/sisterhood of the humankind and our common struggle against capitalism and the state system.

-Transformation of the education systems by working with student councils for the creation of free education spaces ; occupations of schools and universities against commercialization of education and education systems based on class discrimination.

-Support of all propaganda and art-sabotage against the commercialization of art and culture. Creation of our own free spaces for increasing the expressive art movements of anti-professionals.

– Manifestation of the rising voice of the women’s movement against violence towards women, gender discrimination and gender oppression.

-Creation and organization of a counter-culture that questions the male identity against the gender oppression and dominance of gender identity  of men in collaboration with the feminist movement that will question machismo through individual male identity.

-Spreading the anti-authoritarian cultural values against the family pressure over children and youngsters.

-Resistance against the discrimination, exclusion and violence against lesbian, transvestite, transsexual, bisexual individuals to be able to say we exist with our differences against transphobia and homophobia.

– Mobilization for a global antiwar movement against wars supported by states and capitalists and militarism disciplining every aspects of our lives; abolishment of  any sort of military service  obligatory or paid.

In an age when life is being colonized and controlled by the  powers, ways of resistance are being multiplied through the development of imagination , courage and solidarity. For this reason creation of a horizontal network of all different social struggles  and connection of all resistances will be the goal of social movements for the coming years.

Resistanbul Committee of the Ungovernables

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Global elites will meet in Istanbul between 28th September – 7th October to discuss  their new plans for exploiting all humanity and the world.
For this reason we organized an extremely festive action programme.

We’re inviting everyone -who has a problem with capitalism and the global destruction

it created – to the streets and calling everyone to make Istanbul hell for the IMF & the WB!

more >>>


Call for action in support of immigrants


Using fight against illegal migration as a pretext, Turkish government carries out policies based on repression and deprivation of liberty toward refugees and migrants.

Locked in the so called Yabancılar Misafirhanesi, migrants can be held for more than one year in inhumane conditions waiting for their expulsion of Turkey.

On the 20th of September, prisoners of Kumkapı Misafir Hanesi rebelled themselves against their detention conditions and the mistreatments they suffer from the police. We have to be in the front of Kumkapı Yabancı Misafir Hanesi to show the detainees solidarity and to give them support in their struggle against the deprivation of their basic rights.

We call for the closure of these shameful detention places. We call for the end of repression, detention and deportation of migrants.

We call for a demonstration against Turkish migration policies and detention of migrants on Saturday 26, at 12:00 o’clock in front of Kumkapı Misafir Hanesi.




Resistanbul reclaiming the streets

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Resistanbul was in the “congress valley” – 13.09.2009

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Resistanbul got out off the “permitted” Taksim-Tunel demonstration district and went in the Harbiye valley where the IMF/WB submit will take place.


A Contribution to the Critique of the Political Biennial: Zaaaaaaaart!

At the night of September 11, we were also at the Antrepo for the opening of the 11th International Istanbul Biennial. We were there, however, not for adding our words to the absurd cacophony of “radical” statements, which were floating in the air like over repeated tongue twisters but to “zaaart” this spectacle. There is only one answer to your statements like “socialism or barbarism” echoing in the saloon filled with your sponsors, bodyguards, and ministers with fake smiles and old wine smells (catering was so poor indeed; if two peanuts are enough to be sponsor, then we are willing to do it next time!) and it is: “zaaart!”. The rest is empty words.

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click for pics from the biennial opening —>

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click for —> Conceptual Framework of Direnal-Istanbul Resistance Days: What Keeps Us Not-Alive?


Resistanbul in Kadiköy – 05.09.2009

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Resistanbul activist have made a march from Bahariye walking down to Kadikoy – shouting slogans, singing songs, giving out flyers, putting up posters – and read their press release in front of the port, inviting people to join the resistance against IMF/WB. After the action resistanbul gang continued playing&singing on the ferry and road up to the headquarters.


“Food Not Money” Action in Tarlabaşı – 16.08.2009

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Resistanbul activists have made a “food not money” event against global capitalism and gentrification in Tarlabası neighborhood, giving out food – which was recycled from the Organic Market in Ferikoy  and local market in Besiktas.


Istanbul Resistance to IMF and World Bank Begins

In the evening of 5 August, people who had followed the invitation of the Direnistanbul platform gathered in Taksim Square to protest against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

On 6 and 7 October, the two institutions will convene in Istanbul for their annual meeting. The Direnistanbul organisation has declared the week of 1-8 October a week of protests.

At yesterday’s gathering, around 100 people told the IMF and Worldbank, “Don’t Come!”

They asked others who oppose the institutions to join their protests.

The Bandista group supported the demonstration with music.

The demonstrators marched from Taksim Square to Galatasaray Highschool, shouting slogans such as “Capitalism kills in war and peace” and “Millions are hungry, occupied, long live global uprising”.




Spokesmen and bureaucrats of multinational capitalist corporations will be in Istanbul, Turkey on 6 – 7 October for the 2009 Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund where they will have decisions to destroy the lives of billions of people. more>>>

8 Responses

  1. we will meet again

  2. Put a Facebook link and twitter link so we can send it around the globe faster.

  3. Hi!

    I just putted your request for resistance against IMF&WB in Istanbulon the hungarian indymedia,and translated it too.Hope it helps!

    Best regards,viva la resistance!

  4. yes, Yes, YES!
    I have arrived via: “An open letter to the curators, artists, participants of the 11th International Istanbul Biennial and to all artists and art-lovers”
    I am helping you circulate your call, as well.

  5. è coloro che vengono dall’estero dove dormono. ( italian )

    los que vienen del extranjero donde duermen (spanish )

  6. Seemingly so concerned with human welfare and suffering, but as an organisation or movement you don’t do anything to protest the military establishment of your own country and it’s repressive actions on civilian politics and people. You don’t take action regarding the human rights violation of 20 mio. Kurds in your country. In the whole mentality reform proces the recent months you’ve been silent as the grave. That makes you guys a bunch of hypocrytes.

    • no you are wrong friend…we always acts against the brutality of state against kurds, workers, transeksuels, gays and all exploited people you wants to live their life with their ways. you can see us in all solidarity actions and protests…We’re not only calling ourselves anti-imperialists, also we’re anti-national activists who knows that our problem is not only coming from developed countries, we beleive that all kinds of states are abusers and killers of all people on the planet…

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